Today, we have almost released our first public beta...

... but then Murphy kicked in as we finished everything else and started testing the final build in a clean virtual machine:

Everything had been going well until the moment when we wanted to create first TFS work item. We clicked the WI type and... Outlook crashed. Our error reporting didn't have a chance to kick in.

Bit of debugging and poking around showed that our main pre-installation requirement, Team Explorer 2008 hadn't installed the crucial assembly Microsoft.TeamFoundation.WorkItemTracking.Controls into GAC. This assembly is required to render the form for editing a work item and although Team Explorer installs all the others, it keeps this assembly for itself in PrivateAssemblies folder.

Fortunately, a google search brought up this excellent solution from a Hippie coder:

He adds an AssemblyResolve handler to the current AppDomain. When the application requires the missing assembly, the handler looks up the path to private assemblies from the registry and loads the required assembly from Visual Studio's PrivateAssemblies folder.

We would like to say thanks to Hippie coder and hopefully we will release the beta tomorrow.

… unless something unexpected happens :).