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TaskConnect adds a panel to Outlook, which shows work items attached to the current e-mail.
Outlook panel shows work items attached to current mail. Try it!Generate customizable lists of attached WIs and their state.Create work items without leaving Outlook.Smart search & attach: Search for text or work item id in TFS project or whole server.Quick access to recent work items: Need that work item from yesterday? You’ll find it here - with instant edit.Task toolbar: Find all related e-mails, edit without opening VS or TSWA, highlight relevant part of e-mail.

Adam received an e-mail from a client requesting new features, created 3 work items right from Outlook and assigned them to his developers.

TaskConnect is an Outlook sidebar panel that shows you work items related to currently displayed e-mail.

You can easily create a new work item from Outlook, or attach existing one from your work item repository to selected e-mail.

Emily got a message from TFS server - her developers resolved another work item. The work item was already attached to the e-mail and Emily could mark it as closed with a few clicks in Outlook.

Whenever you get a notification from your Team Foundation Server, relevant work items will be shown automatically.

Once attached, e-mails are shown during whole conversation - respond to your clients or developers, and and everyone will always see the relevant work items right when reading the email.

Trent did a fulltext search for a recent work item directly from Outlook, quickly found that it was resolved and wrote the good news to his client.

TaskConnect has a smart work item search - enter a keyword, and search through all work items' fields at once, without ever using Team Foundation Server's web interface or Visual Studio.

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TaskConnect is a sidebar panel that shows TFS work items related to current e-mail You can always see an overview of work items (the colors correspond to work item state) Smart search in all work item fields at once
TFS work items stay are attached to whole conversation, with live update

Attach work items once, see them with every mail

Work items are carried throughout whole e-mail conversation, so once you attach an issue to e-mail, you will see it's actual state alongside every client's response and your reply too.

For e-mails sent by TFS, the relevant work item is always attached automatically, which allows you to edit it from Outlook with a single click.

Mail grid column with work item count

TaskConnect mail grid column shows number of attached, resolved and closed work items, so you know what's happening without viewing each e-mail.

A new column in Outlook mail grid appears, containing the number of closed, resolved and total work items

Works with:

Outlook 2007Outlook 2010

Supported servers:

Team Foundation Server 2008Team Foundation Server 2010

Always in sync

TaskConnect always keeps your work items synchronized with server, allowing you to browse them even offline.

Any recent Outlook + TFS server

TaskConnect works with both Outlook 2007 and 2010, and connects to any recent Team Foundation Server.

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